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"I had no idea how you were going to work the layout of the magnets your literature spoke so highly about.

"I speculated that they would be somewhat exposed. Nice job here, specifically the way they are hidden and how well they work."

Michael C.
Millford, CT


Solid Core Benefits

  • Solid fiberboard core compared to layered material, minimizing odor / mildew potential
  • Lighter weight for ease of handling
  • Exclusive precision machine cutting (hand cutting less accurate)
  • Will not bend or bow when carried or stored upright

MagnaLoc Benefits:

  • Eliminates pad separation and sliding
  • 100% user-friendly (nothing to think about - nothing to do - they just work)
  • Unlike other exposed locking systems, MagnaLocs™ are completely concealed whether the pads are in use or not.
  • Will not come loose, fall off or break (as exposed locking systems may)
  • Eliminates damage potential that can be caused by other exposed locking devices
  • Can be fully functional up to 100 years
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