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International Table Pads has been in business over 30 years, supplying table pads to resellers only (furniture stores, decorators, refinishers, etc.).

We are the only manufacturer on the globe who utilizes an automated CNC cutting router with the ability to cut any size and shape with perfect precision. We use a computer cutting software program specifically developed to draw your table pad, using one of many thousands of full patterns we store and maintain over the years. Simply provide us with the manufacturer, model number, size and number of extension leaves, color of leatherette top and DuraVelvet bottom.

Unlike other companies who use layered material, we use a solid core fiberboard. Layered boards are more susceptible to develop moisture between the layers that can cause odor and mildew over time. We also offer a lifetime warranty, regardless of fault. We replace it at no charge other than shipping.

Our greatest claim-to-fame is our patened hidden MagnaLoc System, designed to minimize pad sliding and separation while in use. It is 100% user friendly - nothing to think about, nothing to do; place the pieces together and they hold the pieces together. No need for your customer to spend time and needless effort to individually lock or connect exposed clips or pivot locks together. No worries about such clips or pivot locks from pulling loose because someone forgot to disengage them when removing the pad from the table. Best of all, no worries about accidentally sliding these exposed locks against the table surface that could cause table damage.

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