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Because of the settings on your computer monitor, the colors below may not look exactly the same as your table pads. If you do require a more accurate tablepad color swatch for your table pad, please contact us to submit your request.

  • Cranberry

    Darker than cranberry sauce

  • Natural

    Cup of cream with a little coffee

  • Mocha

    Color of a coffee bean

  • Palomino

    Looks like cappuccino

  • Saddle

    Cappuccino with double dairy

  • Chestnut

    A little darker than a chestnut

  • Opal

    Whitish gray

  • Slate

    Medium Gray or Chalkboard

  • Mahogany

    Burgundy wine with a black wood grain

  • Walnut

    Milk chocolate with a dark chocolate grain

  • Oak

    Peanut butter with dark brown wood grain

  • Cherry

    Irish setter with brown streaks

  • Brandy

    A little darker than cherry

  • Pecan

    A dark chocolate color with black wood grain

  • Maple

    Copper brown with dark brown wood grain

  • Hickory

    Looks like a snickerdoodle

  • Black

    Just black

  • Bone White


  • White

    Just white

  • Cocoa

    Dark chocolate

  • Brown

  • Tan

  • Burgundy

  • Black

  • Green

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